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Tabitha Dickerson / September 30, 2014 at 10:00 AM / Gaming, Gaming Previews

In a home grown twist, a new game, Reflex is gaining steam. Launched on September 20, comes an FPS that sings of days long gone. Where political correctness wasn’t even a thing and games could choose to be mindless gratuitous fun. Enter Reflex, a competitive arena based first person shooter in the veins of Unreal tournament or Quake live. Reflex takes the age old format of a 90’s fps and combines it with modern technology to produce a game that will test your reflexes.

Developed by a local (I’m Australian) group called Turbo Pixels studio formed 3 years ago, this fast paced freedom of expression seeks to test not only players Reflexes but also their precision. With the biggest boast being a return to old school first person mechanics, Reflex also has a number of different game play modes. All the classics are here, from 1v1, Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, Control, and Arena all the way up to some unorthodox ones called Juggernaut and Midair, with more on the way.


He looks friendly.

He looks friendly.

Turbo Pixel Studios lead development team for Reflex is made up of three headstrong individuals, Dave Jones, Ben Darling, and Phil Brown. Dave Jones has been an active part of competitive arena first person shooters for a number of years. He is known mostly for his work involved with the Challenge ProMode Arena project, a freeware mod for Quake III arena . It was created with the goal of helping advance Quake III Arena as a professional e-sport. Dave has run numerous game servers, hosted competitions, trained countless new players, provided endless hours of technical support, created and maintained websites related to e-sports and knows what does and doesn’t work in in an arena based first person shooter.

Ben has been working in the industry for over ten years with various senior roles in level design, environment art, lighting artist, and technical artist, specifically shader writing, effects and pipeline assisting tools. He has done this across several platforms including 360, Playstation 3, Playstation portable, Nintendo Wii and PC for various publishers such as SEGA, LucasArts and Konami.

Phillip Brown, the last but no less important member of the lead developers has been working in the games industry since 2004. He has helped ship numerous products across a wide range of platforms including Playstation 2 and 3, PC for Windows and Mac as well as all the recent Nintendo consoles. He has worked as a senior software engineer delivering products across Windows, Linux and OSX, with expertise in cross platform renderers, shaders, network code, physics engines, pipeline tools, numerous user interfaces and untold hours of game code.

Anybody home?

Anybody home?

These 3 from Turbo Pixel Studios have endeavored to give life to Reflex. They strive to create an evolution of classic arena first person shooters  by incorporating new features, new tweaks, new gameplay and new community integration. They plan to implement features such as single player and cooperative campaigns, regional ladders for kill death ratios, team tracking so you can follow your favourite teams progress as well as the ability to host your own tournaments for just you and your friends. You can create clans, invite friends to join and challenge other rival clans in ladder matches. Matchmaking will be a choice, whether you want to choose from a server list or just find a random game to join, you can! There’s a huge emphasis on the community it seems with all sorts of nifty features like LAN support, and the in game replay editor. Reflex uses a custom built engine targeting 120 frames per second as well as responsive input sampled 1000 times a second, boasting that “If you miss, it’s your fault, not ours.” To compliment the fast paced arcade style gameplay of Reflex, they will have dedicated servers, bots with advanced AI that will use the same dirty tricks and strategies as a player character as well as keeping track of statistics like accuracy and win/losses. The game will also support VoIP, Steamworks and achievements as well as in-game training with step by step breakdowns showing key presses and timing.

The community for Reflex will be invited to create their own models, maps, and cosmetics with the sky as the limit (no hats though). The main focus of Reflex seems to be all focused on the community, with competitions, clans, friends, LAN support, team tracking as well as a mode called Meat Vs Machine. It’s basically a horde mode you can partake in with friends or bots as you face off against advanced bots and mow down wave after wave. The onslaught stops when you do, and Meat Vs Machine looks to be one of the many highlights of Reflex

The Reflex kickstarter has only until Monday October 20th and having only raised $53,476 of the initial goal of $360,000 it seems that Reflex is in need of a hell of a pardon the pun, kickstart. The game seems solid, with the development team being of sound mind and skill. There’s many not yet fleshed out features yet to be created that the team keeps mentioning and $20 gets you a copy of the game as well as an exclusive forum rank and wallpaper. The highest pledge however at $3000, far cheaper than most kickstarters gives you access to a custom designed by the team in game cloak, weapon skin, and melee weapon, as well as a Reflex Hoodie  and a clone of you built into a bot in the game utilizing your in game stats and customizations. Several concept art prints, Reflex t-shirt, 4 prototype early access copies of reflex for you and your friends as well as exclusive in game weapons. It’s a lot of value for a little heart and these  guys from Melbourne could really use our readers help in reaching their goals. Reflex looks set to be rather game changing for arena based first person shooters and it would be a shame if the time on this opportunity to help create something as raw as Reflex ran out.

Tabitha Dickerson

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