According to a Tweet from the official Telltale Twitter account the series The Wolf Among Us is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 4th of this year. The announcement comes along with a new trailer publicizing the critical acclaim for the first season from media outlets.

Fans of the first season of The Wolf Among Us are still waiting to hear whether there will be a second as mysteries in the narrative remain unanswered. Bigby Wolf as the Sheriff of Fabletown has already experienced quite a bit of chaos but it seems there is still more to be done. Check out our review of the first season of The Wolf Among Us here!

Last week the narrative heavy developer also announced on its blog that both seasons of The Walking Dead are coming to the next generation systems. The release date for the Walking Dead: Seasons One and Two is October 24th. Telltale has confirmed a third season but it is expected to release in late 2015. Check out our review of Season Two of the series here!

Thomas Nelson

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