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If you were hoping to join your friends in closing the gates of Hell and defeating a demonic invasion this year, then you will need to look somewhere besides Hellraid. Fans looking forward to he first-person demon slaying game received bad news earlier when Polish development team Techland announced that Hellraid will not be released this year as originally intended.  Further development has been put on hold for the game to be reinvented, as Hellraid has thus far not met internal expectations.

Techland released an official statement on May 21st detailing the reasoning behind the decision.

“We would like to officially announce that our dark fantasy FPP game Hellraid will not be released this year as previously planned, and the development of the game has been put on hold.

In the recent months we conducted an internal analysis and came to the conclusion that Hellraid, in its current shape and form, is not meeting our own expectations for this project. Therefore, we decided the best course of action would be to send it back to the drawing board and invent our dark fantasy title anew.”

Hellraid Development Team

Fans are already displaying their displeasure on the very page the announcement was posted, with numerous concerns that this could mean the end of Hellraid altogether.

Hellraid was intended to be a single- or multi-player experience for up to 4 players, featuring first person combat, multiple game modes, class-free character customization, and numerous different fighting styles. It had been in development since mid-2013, and had already been delayed before, with the release date being pushed back repeatedly, and an early access launch being canceled outright.

The resources being used to develop Hellraid will be moved to help expand the Dying Light franchise. It is not clear when, or if, development of Hellraid will resume.

Were you looking forward to Hellraid? Do you hope that it will survive after this announcement?

Clint Smith

I'm an ex-carnie who has been gaming and writing since I was a kid. Lately you can find me over-thinking in RPGs or failing my way through a plethora of indie games.

  • SevTheBear

    A shame

  • I’m glad they’re taking their time, but I fear that this game will never see the light of day and we’ll instead just get endless Dying Light/Dead Island/Zombie Party games from them.

  • Sebastian Mikulec

    When a game gets pushed back and essentially restarted multiple times like this it’s generally not a good sign. I fear the chances of this game ever seeing the light of day are slim. It’s too bad since I was more interested in Hellraid than I was in Dying Light, and I quite like Dying Light (outside of the horrible final boss fight).

  • Crizzyeyes

    This is the beginning of the first cycle of development hell. I thought that Techland had enough money to push a game like this out of the door, so I hope they can get it right this next time without doing the same thing over and over again until they destroy their own company.

  • Mr.Calavera

    I hope it is not anything serious and it just for polishing reason .

  • Niwjere

    Wasn’t even a fight. QTEs do not qualify as combat. We got to press a few buttons (whose prompts, by the way, were way too fast and provided very little room for error, especially when you don’t even know they’re coming up the first time) and watch a cutscene unfold. Woo. “Gameplay” on par with Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace. Good to know we’re reusing the worst ideas from gaming history instead of the best.