Happy Friday! We like to mix it up with our weekly giveaways. July was a month of DLC for free games, whether that be Hand of the Gods, Giganticor Nova Blitz. While all those massive giveaways are still rolling along at a steady pace, it’s time to get back into giving our readers Steam keys for full games!

This week, we’ve teamed up with the fine folks at Gamious to hand out fifty copies of Team Racing League. This brand new top down online team racer has just launched into Steam Early Access, and our readers have the chance to be some of the first to buckle up and hit the track. The game already has Twitch integration which allows a streamer’s chat to predict winners and vote for a race MVP. While you’re on the track, you can link up with teammates like two Galaga starships for unique combinations maneuvers that are sure to leave your opponents in the dust.

Team Racing League Launch Day Giveaway

So, just complete some social actions and grab your code! The first fifty readers to complete the form get a code, and everyone else can pick up the game on Steam for a 33% launch discount. Thanks for entering, and we’ll see you next week with another great giveaway!

Giveaway Rules: No purchase necessary. Likes, Subscribes and Follows count as one entry each, and tweeting is worth one entry once a day. In order to enter, an email must be entered. Email will not be used for anything but entrance into the giveaway. Winners will be contacted via the same entry that was used to win (Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Email) using a random number generator to determine said winners. TechRaptor reserves the right to pull entries that are seen as exploitative (using multiple accounts, etc.) in order to give the best chances to all participants.

Alex Santa Maria

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