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The president and CEO of Platinum Games resigned at the beginning of March according to a report by Kenichi Sato was appointed as the new head of the company and today Platinum’s website was updated to reflect the change. According to the report Seigo Tabira and Atsushi Inaba have also joined Platinum as directors. Platinum’s new CEO confirmed the change in a recently issued statement. He said: 

“I have recently assumed the position of President & CEO of our company, following the departure of Tatsuya Minami at the end of March 2016. With this, our board of executives now consists of myself, Seigo Tabira and Atsushi Inaba. Please note that this change in staff structure in no way affects our dedication to our craft. I have utmost confidence that we will continue to create games to the same high standards that our partners and fans have come to expect from us. Thank you very much for your continued guidance and encouragement.”

In an email to Polygon Platinum stated: “As you may or may not know, this year is our 10th anniversary. We feel this is the perfect opportunity to reform our internal structure in order to strengthen our position as a developer, and changes in personnel affairs are a natural part of that.”

Minami started out as an artist for Capcom where he worked on all of their biggest IP like Mega Man, Resident Evil and Devil May Cry. He then went on to form his own studio Odd LTD. in 2006 but eventually made his way to link up with the guys who would form Platinum.

This year also marks the 10th anniversary of Platinum who have developed games like Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Vanquish, Madworld and helped on Star Fox Zero, which releases today. Before they were Platinum many of them were part of Clover Studios, a first party Capcom development team that made some of the all time classic games such as Okami, God Hand and the Viewtiful Joe games. 

Reagan Cox

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  • Zepherdog

    Hopefully this doesn’t have to do with any shifty business or internal problems.

    Platinum seems to be tackling a lot of work lately, taking into account Star Fox Zero, Scalebound, Nier and TMNT are being developed at the same time. It may be taking a toll on the team as a whole.

  • Aiat

    Oh man, I hope things are ok at Platinum.

  • Erud

    Let’s just hope they don’t start talking about pachinko.

  • Zepherdog

    That’s doubtful, these guys are PASSIONATE about what they do.

    They would have to become a shell company like Id nowdays for them to even consider it.

  • Reagan Cox

    Same. Probably my favorite devs in the scene right now. Not to mention all the god-tier work they’ve done in the past at Capcom and with Clover. Some really bright people over there.