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Target is having a massive promotion this week- Buy 2 get 1 game free.  This comes at a great time in the gaming calendar as many of us have had to pick and choose between games recently. All consoles, even Next-Gen, are eligible in the promotion. So if you’ve been wanting Thief, The Stick of Truth, Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Reaper of Souls, Infamous, Dark Souls 2, or Titanfall- now is the time.

The one caveat is that pre-orders are off limits, so those of you looking for Watch Dogs need to wait a little longer. Regardless, Target and are two places that, for this week only, you can get some good deals on some good games.

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Patrick Webb

Has a strong affinity for everything fantasy related. Plays Indie, RPGs, and shooters. Favorite games are the Witcher 2, Diablo, Journey, GW2, and Hotline Miami. Oh, and I'm Batman!!

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