Indie developer Arcanity Inc. is bringing its first game to the Nintendo Switch, where it will debut in December 2017. Tanzia, a single-player action RPG, follows the story of a boy trying to live up to the legacy of his grandfather, who once brought peace to the land. Now it’s up to you to save the Akazi people once again from another evil.

The game has been in Steam Early Access since April 27, but it’s clear that Tanzia is expected to release on the Nintendo’s hybrid console first. In an update posted on the game’s Steam page, the developer said the Steam version will be delayed because of the port. However, in the same announcement, they also claim the “Switch version will make the PC version even better.” Examples of these improvements include higher frame rates, faster load times, and general improvements to the controls as they work to make the game work better on weaker hardware.

In terms of how the game plays, it’s inspired by MMORPGs in that you select a target, choose an ability from your hotbar and let the spells find their way. The trailer isn’t shy about showing off the combat, which has no shortage of numbers bleeding out of enemies. The island is open to explore from the beginning, but harder encounters will require the right skills to face.

For the Switch port of Tanzia, Arcanity plans on taking advantage of the touchscreen when playing in handheld mode. Although the touch controls are optional, they can be used to select targets in the world or select something in the hotbar at the bottom of the screen.

The story of Arcanity’s first project was created with the help of Kevin Saunders, who has worked on games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer, and Torment: Tides of Numenera. Additionally, the studio itself is formed by industry veterans from inXile Entertainment, Obsidian Entertainment, Sony Online Entertainment, and Westwood Studios.

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