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Mighty No.9 is releasing soon, a game many people were initially hyped about. This sentiment would later be replaced with doubt as Comcept’s community manager burned a couple of bridges. Good news for backers, she’s gone.

It all started with a Kickstarter project that promptly gained traction from hardcore Mega Man fans. Robot master himself, Keiji Inafune, assembled a team and one convincing campaign that was met with success to the tune of over 3 million raised in backer money. It’s rare to see a Kickstarter project get fully funded with a tangible finished product. Even if the project wasn’t 100% as backers had hoped for, it’s a successful campaign. Many Kickstarter projects fail and recently the official Kickstarter Twitter has praised a project that’s been left unfulfilled for years.

As you could imagine, it takes a lot of hope by fans when you do crowdfunding. After money has exchanged hands, everything proceeding that becomes good faith. Shockingly, the most well funded honest campaign was the potato salad Kickstarter. This campaign has done 1 of 3 things: made you smile, caused anger at the notion, or sparked jealously that a project you’re personally invested in gained little traction. That’s the power of the Internet; it’s crazy what takes off sometimes. Whenever a project makes it from start to finish, that’s a success story in the eyes of many – no matter how silly the concept was. For the projects that do crash and burn, it creates a sense of hesitation to back someone ever again. Just ask fans of the Yogscast or Tim Schafer how they feel.


The Internet has made raising money for projects more accessible than ever before, and it also has a nasty habit of attracting less than desirable people in positions of influence. Back in October of 2014, TechRaptor’s Editor in Chief let his feelings be known on how not to be a community manager in great detail. Being a community manager has only one key role: ensuring a healthy relationship between the fans and the creative team. Former community manager, Dina Abou Karam, took it upon herself to instead bring hostility to the position.

What was it that fans didn’t like about Dina? Let’s answer this simple question with she’s not the driving force between Mega Man, Keiji Inafune. Fans didn’t back a project for someone they never heard of to be bitter towards them. The only thing that fans desired was a revival of one of their favorite franchises that many of us have fond memories playing as kids. Throw in nepotism claims, banning people who backed the project with a dose of inserting personal bias into official community channels, and we have a recipe for disaster.

Backers who supported the GamerGate were finding themselves banned from the Mighty No. 9 forums and even the official Twitter account. What Dina does on her own Twitter account is her own business, but some actions are pretty telling. Many of us at TechRaptor have differing views with various social media accounts, but it’s understood that you do not take TechRaptor’s name and deliberately cause harm to the brand. This is the one thing you do not do; it’s common practice to show some form of respect to the brand you’re representing if you’re communicating through official channels. It’s not a matter of no fun allowed as it is more be careful what is said when you’re attaching the company’s image to something.

The following images speak for themselves:

Dina post CM 2

Irony, thy name is Dina.

The most disrespectful thing to do in business is spit bile while you’re being escorted out the door. My own personal stance is with the consumer – GamerGate has nothing to do with that position. Without someone consuming the product, there is no reason to produce a product to sell. When people are willing to give their hard earned money for something that causes internal screams of excitement, the last thing any decent person would do is spit in their faces. In this instance, Mighty No. 9‘s ex community manager comes off more as a community antagonizer.

What should have been a smooth road to Mega Man bliss ended up becoming a beaten path full of controversy after controversy. Mighty No. 9 is going to be remembered not for its game play or characters, but its community manager going on a power trip, abusing their position. This is highly unfortunate to say the least and should serve as a cautionary tale to not only future backers, but heads of projects looking to bring in help from the outside.

There is a massive difference between toiling away your own thoughts on your personal Twitter and berating people who contributed financial support to Inafune’s game. GamerGate supporter or not, anyone viewing Dina’s Twitter will see a lot of hostile aggression – certainly not the attitude you’d want in someone whose job is to be a people person. Established game dev of Blizzard notoriety, Mark Kern, also received some heat.

subtweeting Mark Kern

Mark Kern getting sub-tweeted then insulted by ex CM, Dina.

Many Kickstarter projects have came and gone, another notch on the failure belt. We’ve learned that it’s not always monetary restraint which causes a project to sink in the public eye. In one of Dina’s tweets, she mentions that her colleagues were laughing. For someone who claimed to be a huge Mega Man fan, you wouldn’t simply walk away from working along side your idol. People in such a position would consider it an honor their idol even wanted them to join the team. Blatant disregard and sour attitude post leaving suggests otherwise.

We bid farewell to Dina – you were never a game dev, had no real influence over the people creating Mighty No. 9 and managed to tarnish Inafune’s vision of bringing back the blue bomber by being so crude to his fans over petty politics. You’ve managed to start a charge back counter campaign by backers who no longer felt the project they’ve contributed towards cared about their love and support. To our readers, the choice is ultimately up to you if you wish to support Inafune’s Mighty No. 9 knowing their community manager is gone. Some consider it too late, others may reconsider being excited again.

Call F

Call is too cute to throw away!

Hopefully, there will be a positive outcome. Perhaps a new community manager who cares more about the fans than their beliefs. It would be a shame for a good game with awesome characters to be discarded like yesterday’s trash. Mighty No. 9 is not nor was it ever Dina’s game. This fact needs to not be ignored if you’re on the fence of supporting Mighty No. 9, given the controversy surrounding it. In other words, it’s perfectly understandable to be upset, but please don’t lash out on the entire team at Comcept for the actions of someone not involved with the game making process. At least not directly involved, her actions of acting as a roadblock to community feedback is still deplorable. If you were one of the backers that felt burned by Dina, we’d love to hear your take on this situation.

This raptor personally believes the backers deserved better than having to tolerate a divisive community manager more obsessed with attacking a group on Twitter than ensuring the community had a healthy relationship with the man they’ve helped fund. What are your thoughts on Dina leaving Comcept?

Update: minor copy corrections, clarifying a statement


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Anthony Lee

Gamer since the NES era, computer nerd since 2001. Happily in a loving relationship with a happa who has been a gamer since the Sega Genesis era. Who says Sega does what Nintendon't?

  • Ryan Barrett

    If all goes well, she’ll never work in the industry again.

  • Olympion

    According to Dina most of Comcept share her hateful SJW mindset, and considering how long she got away with openly antagonizing long-time fans I’m inclined to believe her. I will definitely not be spending any money on Mighty No 9.

  • Kain Yusanagi

    Careful there. Remember that she managed all inbound and outbound public communication for Comcept.

  • Dave

    As a huge megaman fan, comcept has a LOT of work to do to gain my trust. If they don’t publicly apologize for her behavior towards us fans and denounce her, they’re not getting me back and (IMO) they’re making a big mistake.

  • Minutes after she quit she asked Brianna Wu for a job so the chances are slim -_-

  • airborneace

    I don’t get the Mighty No 9 hype. Mega Man fans act like its been forever since a game was published, but you had new Mega Man games just a few years ago. Meanwhile, its been almost a decade since the last Advance Wars installment, and I don’t see a Kickstarter campaign to revive that awesome franchise

  • NeoSkyte

    Even though she’s gone the damage is done and Mighty No 9 has left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m no longer as interested in this game like before.

  • R.J.

    They deserve each other. 😉

  • Doc Hammer

    In a normal industry, an ungraceful departure like that would burn every potential bridge. But these nepotistic San Francisco hipsters seem to see it like a signal flare.

  • ObeliskDR

    I was a $300 contributor who avoided the forums because of her. It wasn’t until she took the fight to twitter, that I had my run in with her. I told her calmly, as a backer I don’t appreciate her putting any type of politics into the conversation.

    She responded to me saying my money was toxic and my contribution is less to the project than someone who agrees with her psychotic opinion.I responded by asking for my money back, I was denied and went through my credit card company. I explained I was being harassed by the very contributor, showed them the tweets who thought they were so vile they quickly honored all of the funds (even going back as far as 2013).

    Dina is a bastardization of what a community manager should be. I’ve had pretty back community manager experiences, but it wasn’t anything like this. They were most likely apathetic or were disingenuous about their answers/attitude, typicaly PR shit. But I never felt the exile I felt with someone like this.

    I’ll never, well rather, we’ll never know what happened behind close doors, but I find her dismissal before the games release, especially after her slander, when another CM did the same and was forced to apologize, far to convenient. Time will tell, if she really left on “good” merit, she won’t have any problems finding another job. My bet is a new Patreon will pop up in the next coming weeks, maybe months.

    I know this much, that person is on my ultimate blacklist, not just a blacklist, I’m talking absolutely no affiliations. If Dina Abou Karam is on your project, I will not just boycott you, I will actively avoid you, your advertisers and your social circle. Toxic is an understatement, that woman on your project is almost a death sentence. The only thing fortunate about her existence in the industry is it quickly identifies who to avoid.

    My money is we won’t see her in any reputable project again. We will never hear her voice unless she becomes an active gamergate attacker, beggar and opportunist. To me she is the worst type of person, not just irresponsible, rude, entitled but selfish. Megaman has been a franchise suffering almost as much as sonic for the last 10 years, we finally get a spirit successor, and she dug it through the dirt. She isn’t a gamer, she’s a sleazy, dishonest, two faced, extremist, pig.

  • JeremyVerdi

    Everything was wrong with the entire process: Dina, the batshit crazy CM, scumbag Mark MacDonald from the 4KIDS style translation group 8-4 who was basically a Dina clone and did her dirty work for her while she wasn’t around, the TV evangelist style ongoing money beg, the rigged Call design “vote” (there were already finished models of the one that magically got picked). They dug Dina out of a trashcan, sure, but the entire outfit was fashioned out of junkyard parts to begin with.

  • Pesty

    “Good news for backers, she’s gone.”

    And the bad news: as far as I know, none of her community decisions (banning backers) or design inputs have been reversed. Dina was perhaps the shittiest part of the Comcept team, but the game itself may not be far behind.

    The real horror of Dina having been CM is the apparent lack of communication that she allowed from the fans and backers to the development staff. And that is likely what will be reflected in the final product, I fear. Might No. 9 was billed as the spiritual successor to Mega Man. It was crowdfunded and supported on the premise that it was to be a spiritual successor to Mega Man. Which means that overwhelmingly, its backers are Mega Man fans.

    Sadly, I don’t think they’re going to get the game they were hoping for.

  • airborneace

    Which is a shame since I think AW is the better game. If I recall correctly, the Advance Wars series is usually always in top-ten lists for Game Boy/DS Games. Everyone I knew in school had a copy and we all used to link up and play. But this isn’t about AW, I was just making the point that its only been a few years since the last MM and yet fans act like its been decades

  • seigar

    You can check the Internet Aristocrat video if you want to see how It all began with Dina.

  • Minty Victor

    I trust Inafune almost as little as I like Dina. There was never any hype here for me; Inafune is Peter Molyneux levels of untrustworthy.

  • Typical

    Well, I have no intention of getting that game because you don’t allow someone like that on your public facing staff unless you are extreme believers in their ideology. No one on the team knew what she was doing? Bitch, please, get out of here with that bullshit, one person would have heard about the shit going on, and no one brought it up that this person is possibly costing them business? You believe that, and I have a totally sweet bridge to sell you.

  • Mighty No. 56008

    “…but please don’t lash out on the entire team at Concept for the actions of someone not involved with the game making process.”

    This might be an unpopular stance and many may disagree with me, but that fact that any of this has happened is reason enough to hold Comcept responsible and lashing out at them is more than justified. It’s hard for me to believe that they were completely oblivious of Dina’s actions in the forums and twitter, which essentially means that they allowed this to happen.

    Also some have been pointing out that the resignation of Dina should satisfy and bring closure to our issues and concerns with the project, but her being part of the project was only a small piece of it. Plus, I do agree with the thought of “too little, too late” in this case. The community is in ruins and the game is almost complete, meaning there’s little chance of any further backer feedback to get into the game anyways.

    So what’s the issue now then? I think it’s safe to say that many people are not impressed with the game so far, and some will place some blame on Dina for that as well. One of Dina’s responsibilities was to communicate backer feedback/comments/criticism to the dev team and obviously some feel that the current product doesn’t reflect that that was done properly. However, you have to wonder if Comcept truly cared about backer input when you consider the following:
    – Hiring an inexperienced Community Manager
    – Outside of Mark, there was no official word from Comcept to address the Dina issue
    – Backers asking for refunds were labeled as misogynists
    – Terrible forum interface (which people had to pay to access)
    – Lack of contest & surveys with any substantial importance to the game
    – Feedback seemed to mostly come from the forums, which represents only very small “handful” of the 67,000+ backers

    So yes, Dina is/was an issue but people don’t seem to realize that there is more to the “drama”. Mighty No. 9 was promoted to be game that would be “made for the backers, by the backers” and that we would be really involved with the dev team during development. And some would argue that we were involved, at least compared to other projects of this kind. But considering that Inafune was meant to be some kind of “pioneer” for crowdfunding games in Japan and was heavily promoting it along with “getting involved with backers”, I think it’s important to bring to light that they did not do a good job at it.

  • CM Dubya

    LMAO wow, how low do you have to sink that you have to beg to HER for work?

  • Developers/publishers – Stop hiring extremists that would rather burn your project to the ground than sell the game to people they don’t believe is the ‘right’ type of customer.

  • Don’t know but nothing good will come from it….I actually feel bad for the rest of the women on her dev team >_>

  • Aj Retro

    I’ve only learned about the term “community manager” from this clusterfuck, and since then I’ve never seen a CM actually manage the community. All they do is antagonize people and act like gatekeepers.

    With that said, I’d only have interest in this game if the dev team issued an apology for the behavior of their CM. Otherwise it looks like they didn’t care or even approved of her conduct.

  • Akumanoid

    I poured more than $500 into this shitstorm. I really genuinely hate that they hired someone like Dina in the first place. I have avoided the forums because of it. I really regret ever donating and went from completely hyped to be part of the development process of the new “Mega Man” to being so disconnected I still never claimed my reward and don’t know if I still can. I’m not even sure I care. I wasted a lot of money on this project and it was ruined thanks to horrible community management.

    I hope nobody buys this game.

  • JeremyVerdi

    Mark MacDonald was just as bad on those forums and he runs 8-4, a Burger King price-point translation company. If you want to blacklist Ding Dong Bannu I suggest you blacklist Mark and 8-4 as well. I know I have!

  • Akumanoid

    I agree. This is COMPLETELY Comcept’s fault. AT BEST this is their negligence. At worst they genuinely just don’t give a shit about their fanbase.

  • Anonymoose

    I was foolish enough to put 20 to 30 dollars here and there to Double Fine, Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity, Planetary Annihilation and Maia. I give Wasteland a pass, that turned out to be a fine game. Quality of the game or not, I found Obsidian’s caving to the SJWs on twitter to be an affront to creative freedom AND the backer who they pressured into changing his poem to save THEM heat. Planetary Annihalation was not the bigger badder and modern Total Annihilation I paid for. Maia is still not anywhere near done last time I checked. And Double Fine, well, I didn’t get my quality game on the level of Psychonauts or Grim Fandango for the next gen. In addition to Shafer being a horrid little troglodyte.

    Case in point: I’m not giving any money to fucking Kikestarter ever again, and the reason is twofold.

  • chizwoz

    Keep in mind, it is a Japanese developer. The odds of the key people involved sharing her poisonous attitude is probably quite small. As far as I’m aware, Japan doesn’t have much in the way of SJWs.
    The best approach, in my mind, is to just try and keep judging the game on it’s own merits.

  • JeremyVerdi

    I agree, Inafune has his own set of issues though which aren’t much less egregious: suckering an already desperate fanbase out of money and ignoring their complaints for so long being the worst of them. Despite Dina being the chokepoint between the forum and the dev team, at least a couple of outside sources were able to get word to him directly in Japan, so he was aware of her behavior. It seems like not much action was taken until he was shown that she was actively telling people to boycott the game.

  • chris perez

    At least you got your money back and you can put the entire unpleasant mess behind you. I will also be interested to see what the future holds for that cunt Dina.

  • chris perez

    One thing these last 8 months have taught me is that these people are not as numerous as they like to believe they are. They are the textbook definition of an extremely vocal minority.

  • chris perez

    She seriously asked Wu for a job? Maybe she can be her twitter community manager. She certainly has the experience for it.

  • Akumanoid

    Oh, I checked. Just because Dina is gone doesn’t mean the damage isn’t done in the way the forum is structured. Still a reinforced hugbox.

  • chris perez

    I have been following this debacle even though I am not a backer, thank god for that. It amazes me that a supposedly professional company would let someone like that represent them for so long. They are very much just as responsible for her behavior as they allowed it to continue completely unchecked. People are still being censored on the forums for even mentioning her in a negative way. Kiss her ass though and everything is fine.

  • I liked and unliked your post several times. It was the only way to give you multiple likes.. because every single word of yours rang out like a shotgun blast of truth. She is utterly toxic and a thoroughly vile person.

  • Akumanoid

    I actually think they know they have small numbers and chose to represent themselves as a majority, and are able to since they tend to aim for “gatekeeper” roles as they put it.

  • Psyramics

    Good community managers make for poor headlines. The only reason anyone knows this girl’s name is cause of the shit she was slinging.

  • Italy GG

    Dina was only a part of a larger problem within the Mighty9 staff.
    They are STILL trying to spin backers not wanting to be forced-fed propaganda as “harassment / abuse”.
    It’s an unacceptable anti-consumer fraud to force political ideologies on people who paid for a product and to blame the customer if he doesn’t comply.

  • MetalUpa

    The only satisfaction I get is that people who act like this will
    never be employed by anyone remotely respectable ever again. One search
    of their name and all you get is “how did this person fuck up so badly?”
    I would grovel on the ground for an opportunity like this, whether
    Inafune or some no-name indie dev.

    People were so excited for MN9
    they would’ve eaten shit as long as it was Megaman blue. All you had to
    do was give them some fan service every once in a while. “Hey, remember
    that Megaman boss? Here’s a totally-not-that-boss design. What do you
    think?” “Hey, that’s a great idea, random backer. I’ll tell the team
    about it. Fingers crossed!” “I’m sorry you feel that way. I’ll take it
    up with the team but we can offer you a refund if we can’t help you.” “I
    understand you are upset about what I posted on my personal social
    media accounts but I’m a professional and I leave my politics at the
    door.” It’s so fucking easy. Only a narcissist like Dina, who let the
    small modicum of power get to her head, could screw it up.

  • Audie Bakerson

    It’s people like her and Mr. Shitface (a title I would normally consider too crude, but the bearer has worked so hard to entirely divorce himself from the concept of “mature” it feels warranted) and incidents like Joshua Sawyer bowing down to someone shouting KILL ALL MEN repeatedly and seriously against the request of 99% of his fanbase that told me it was the right idea to never back a Kickstarter except maybe for a finished product that needs production (like a book reprint).

    Then the openly racist Kickstarter employees and choosing to highlight a project that never finished after YEARS as a “hero” and example of Kickstarter through THAT out the window.

  • Kain Yusanagi


  • Kain Yusanagi

    Remember that she controlled ALL inbound and outbound public communication and brought in forum managers that supported her regime. Think of it like Prince John working behind King Richard’s back. Does that mean we should forgive and forget? No, most certainly not. But don’t blame them for lack of communication when they had to relay everything through her since she was their CM translator.

  • Kain Yusanagi

    No, we aren’t. Look up gameplay footage of its beta. There’s some recorded ~two months ago on Youtube.

  • JeremyVerdi

    Well to be fair, when Dina was actually at work and not out getting trashed at the bar she used to tend before her “bf” got a job at Comcept, the work she WAS doing was recruiting backers who worshiped authority to act on her behalf as mods. Besides scumbag Mark MacDonald from 8-4, those other mods aren’t Comcept employees, they are just white knight backers who will do her bidding.

  • Kain Yusanagi

    It’d be because it sort of crumbled into mediocrity. Can ony do the same units over and over again so many times before it gets stale, no matter what character you give the leaders.

  • JeremyVerdi

    Wakko! It looks like Jamus got a final BAZOONGLE lol

  • Leos

    She was hired through nepotism which I would assume is looked down upon in radical feminist circles because they don’t need no man to get them their jobs unless they are big fucking hypocrites.

  • Mighty No. 56008

    Oh my, that is extra spiffy!

  • Stephen J. Welsh

    I would hope this is remembered in the future as a prime example of how not to run a community or manage PR with fans. I recommend to backers that you keep all relevant information from Dina’s tenure so as to inform people of her toxicity, and not allow complaints against her behavior to be hand-waved as misogyny.

  • NickelousCage

    As a backer who gave the minimum and stayed away from the forums for this reason, the fact that this has gone on for months without Comcept doing anything until now makes me, personally, hold them responsible.

  • Leos

    It’s funny that they are allowed to spew such toxicity from their mouths. If it was a man doing the same thing, he would have been canned so fast.

  • Kyouraku

    Mighty No. 1542 here, I put a little over 700 bucks into this project only to completely regret it now. I never had the misfortune of dealing with Dina, but I had problems with the project nonetheless. I backed for the “Help Create a Challenge” reward but the only response I got from Comcept was an automated response: If you’re receiving this message, that means we’ve just received word that your ideas for in-game challenges are unfortunately too difficult to implement in the game. I sent a follow-up asking for specifics as to why my ideas were too difficult (I’d rather not disclose them right now) and was met with silence. I didn’t post on the forums asking for assistance because at that point I didn’t feel welcome considering who ran things. So now I’ve just resigned to not backing any more Kickstarter campaigns, regardless of who started it.

  • chizwoz

    Haha yeah it’s a pretty scammy project on the whole. Still, could be good to play.
    As for his involvement, I generally try to assume innocence. Chances are he had very little or no knowledge about gamergate. When you first encounter the term, it’s a complete minefield of contradictory stories. I imagine the difference in his response as compared to, for example, CD Projekt is mostly down to him not having a clue what it was all about.

  • Morso Denutink

    Why didn’t you get your damn money back?

  • yanderenightmares

    I feel bad for the developers, but it’s their fault for hiring her.

  • JeremyVerdi

    It wasn’t that easy, Kickstarter policy doesn’t allow that and doing a chargeback, especially a month after the fact which is about when Dina showed up, has very limited results. It worked for a couple of people, but the majority were denied due to passage of time or other bank policy BS. There was an official response floating around awhile back from Joe Minton, the ambulance chaser they employed to argue against the chargebacks, in which he labels anyone requesting a chargeback a misogynist or troll. I’ll try to find it when I get home

  • Forte

    Too little, too late indeed. You know, aside from EA’s love and tolerance spiel after winning the Consumerist’s golden turd, hiding from their flaws by using gays as a shield, and the ensuing media backlash against consumers – gamers for expecting better out of EA, I can’t think of another large, notable instance pre-GamerGate that exemplifies what GamerGate was formed for.

    I sometimes wonder how things would have changed if I hadn’t made that first post concerned for the future of the game so many people believed in, based on her merits after learning all about her third-wave mentality. Maybe she wouldn’t have gone so far on the defensive? She started off seeming so reasonable, too, I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, but it took less than a week for her to be done with the entire charade – the reality was she was happy to have the power over such a large group of people, and didn’t want anything to surface that might threaten that position.

    For the people who want to cut Comcept some slack, just remember that Ben Judd, former Capcom something or another and basically Comcept’s legal lackey, was the only person to ever contact people taking issue with the bullshit going on in their 5 dollar membership club. His advice? Nah, we aren’t gonna do anything about Dina or Mark being jackasses. Take a break from the forum you paid to be a part of! A forum whose architecture was based on Drupal of all things, which they acted like they paid a fortune to have custom made for them. I actually offered to set them up with real forum software with complete website integration for free, because… you know… most forum software is absolutely free and has website integration built in.

    I’m not sure that Dina was the problem in how the game turned out or how it looks. If anything, Comcept kept her around knowing how willing the vocal minority was to throw money at them as long as they had her ask nicely for them. I’m sure it shuts her brain off to think she might have been used as a pretty face, but it’s more than likely the truth. The gameplay itself, the god-awful decisions that went into that are obviously on the dev team, and I honestly don’t think that the suggestions of the people who were left didn’t make it through – the problem was, their suggestions were objectively bad. If the forums ever become a public place, take a look at some of the common suggestions and feedback. They ignore the basics of game design and more often opt for what they think will be cool or add to the look of the game, gameplay be damned. I’ve mentioned on Twitter numerous times that I don’t even believe an “all star team of Mega Man devs” worked on this. An all star team of chubby cheeked interns worked on this game, with the all star Mega Man devs pissing off somewhere else so they could look like they were working in a picture or two. The music, the level design, the character design… nothing looks like a professional worked on it. I’ve seen better student work. I’ve seen better ROM hacks and fangames. Hell, give me four million dollars and I’ll make a better Mega Man clone than Mighty No. 9 by myself, no all star devs required.

    And to all the great folks who over the last year and a half have accused me and others of letting our opinion of Dina pollute our view of the game? I’m going to continue being a misogynistic, pissbaby shitlord, and say that this game, in the immortal words of Hank Hill, is horse’s ass. Dina or no Dina, the level design is trash, the player teaching is non-existent, the character models are mostly awful, the music is questionable, the voice actor choices are bottom of the barrel, the game looks like a late-gen PS2 game, yet somehow can barely run at 20 frames per second on my computer (which can max out the settings on Deus Ex: HR without sacrificing so many frames). The game, in general, is bad, and no amount of projecting your buyer’s remorse, or calling people out for make-believe misogyny is gonna change that fact.

    Also, special shoutout to ObeliskDR here. I’ve been battling with myself whether or not it’s right to seek a chargeback, but recently just sort of went down the “I don’t care if it’s fair to Comcept” path. I thought I might have wasted too much time now to do it, but your success story has piqued my interest. I’ll compile a little evidence to give the credit card company and see if they’ll offer a refund for this disaster. If a box of swag still shows up at my door after that, I’ll just consider it reparations.

  • Derp_Meowslurp

    Internet feminists do actually have a larger voice than GamerGate, but almost none of them give a shit about games. This is why Anita Snarkeesian can get 200k views on a video promoting a 4 year old game and that translate into zero buys for that game. We have a situation where there are a very tiny amount of gatekeepers in gaming that relay information to the bitch borg, the hive doesn’t really know the context but will listen and believe to any claims of harrassment. This victim business makes these sniveling worms feel powerful, but anyone can see they are a massive joke with no real power.

  • Forte

    If you enjoy any game considered niche in the west, you unfortunately have a rough time avoiding 8-4. If you look at their website, you’ll see they’ve had their fingers in a lot of cakes.

  • JeremyVerdi

    Nevar 4get

  • Honk Honk

    whenever i see or hear “Mighty No. 9” the first thing i think of is that bile spewing bully. that games always gonna have that association to me.

  • JeremyVerdi

    I found it, this was the “official” response from that diploma mill lawyer Joe Minton representing Comcept:

  • JeremyVerdi

    It’s true, but my strategy so far has been to buy used. Even if it ends up costing a little more, it makes me feel better lol

  • Leos

    Because they have the major games media outlets as their attack dogs.


    I am put off by the Mighty No. 9 team not talking sense into her to at least try to separate her bile from the Mighty No. 9 name. It does raise questions on if she truly did represent what the Mighty No. 9 team truly felt.

  • Casey

    For me, personally, I’m glad I got my money back simply because comcept made a conscious decision to keep such a horrible piece of crap speaking for them.

    If you hire someone to be the liaison between you and the community and allow them to keep their job DESPITE their crap attitude, then you send a message that you’re okay with how they treat your costumers.

    And let’s just say, I’m not okay with how they treated me or other backers.


    Ghostcrawler was a good exception.

  • Misogynerd

    Game still doesn’t look that good. After all it’s from Keiji “You can’t jump in Yaiba/The West is the best” Inafune. He’s a business man not a creator.

  • Bad News

    To me, it seems like the entry level to get in to game development is too low. It’s the entertainment industry, and it should be known that you are getting involved with mostly good fans with some overly passionate ones, just like movies, music, etc.

    With all these tiny companies popping up, people can get involved in game development with very little training or education, and climb up the ranks with a minimum level of work experience. These companies cannot pay someone enough or find the right person to do a proper job, so they get stuck hiring a little prick who tells off customers.

  • lunaticFortune

    I recall being disappointed when I was too broke to give this project any money while it was still gathering funds.

    Hindsight is a hell of a thing.

  • tickles

    I contributed 40$ to the campaign but avoided the forums, and I still worry about her leaving any kind of lasting impact on the development. I just want megaman I don’t want her quote unquote “diversity” agenda shoved down my throat or anything else for that matter.

    You’re community manager doesn’t need to play the game, I think that was a silly complaint from the beginning. I do however think they should be the most bland unopinionated person you can find.

  • Psichaos

    I hate to say it, but unless Comcept apologizes for Dina’s actions and publicly distances themselves from her vileness, I cannot support Mighty No. 9 in good faith. When an employee of a company acts out in such aggression against some of their biggest contributors, that company has an obligation to make amends to their customers or lose support. People on 8chan were mentioning that it’s common Japanese procedure to do things like reduce working hours or assign very little work in order for troublesome employees to quit on their own merit rather than fire them directly, which may explain why it took so long, but they owe it to their disenfranchised backers to issue a public apology and condemn Dina for dragging the company’s name through the dirt.

  • Leos

    She only got the job because of her boyfriend working there. Never would have been hired otherwise and it’s clear she wasn’t qualified for the job.

  • tickles

    I’ve played the beta and actually really like it…

  • Ben Jeanotte

    YEs, some of these indie and crowd-funded community managers… bravo if they even have them, but they need to focus on being more professional and less on embedding themselves in all the current gaming drama. Some of these people’s twitter feeds, it boggles the mind!

  • Kain Yusanagi

    But it’s not Mega Man. It tries to be, but it’s just… not.

  • dsadsada

    While I didn’t back the project, this is exactly my train of thought. It’s unfortunate to the rest of Comcept but the company is still responsible for its employees and should be held accountable, specifically in regards to whether or not people give their support.

    While I avoided most of the controversy outside of what was discussed on sites like this, I for one am unimpressed with the finished product and don’t feel it’s worth buying.

  • dsadsada

    “This is why Anita Snarkeesian can get 200k views on a video promoting a 4 year old game and that translate into zero buys for that game.”

    Out of curiosity, what was this game?

  • dsadsada

    Gaia online….man I feel old. I remember back in the day when everyone on 4chan’s /a/ talked shit about that site and its userbase.

  • dsadsada

    Apt name.

  • Kevin

    I’m a little lost here, what am I looking at?

  • tickles

    It’s not meant to be megaman, just in spirit. It’s much faster pace and it kicks ass if you go at the pace the game intends you to go. If you sit there and shoot all the enemies till they die like megaman you aren’t playing it right, you have to use the dash to finish them off.

  • WTF Magazine

    I was a 500.00 backer and I’m glad this horrible person is gone and I don’t want SJW’s as community managers anymore if it can be helped.
    I for sure won’t ever use crowdfunding ever again after all this. Dina’s antics left a bad taste in my mouth that tastes like 500.00

  • Cuca Culpa

    Wow, I can smell the horseshit from here, and I’ve seen a lot of questionable ‘lawyer’s letters’ in my time.

    The good news is that every time Dina Abou Karam applies for a job, Google will pick up this story and the resume goes to the circular file before she can screech “but soggy knees!”

  • Mighty No. 56008

    Are you serious? I would at least think they would treat the higher tiered backers with a little more respect. And I would imagine that it would be an easy thing to do since there wouldn’t be as many of you to communicate with.

  • Mighty No. 56008

    And I think that’s another big reason so many people are still upset. Even if you were to get over or ignore all of the drama and nonsense regarding the community and development process of the game, the final product looks rather bad.

  • Farmer John Jensen

    It’s interesting that this happened right after the Chris Priestly incident, too. It seriously isn’t that hard to not be a dick. That’s basic customer service.

  • chris perez

    Not gonna happen. The forums are censoring any posts about her unless they are wishing the dumb bitch well and thanking her for all her hard work.

  • Bitterbear

    I would not be surprised at all that all the “other” sites are waiting for the game to bomb so hard so they can put the blame on the gaming community and paint Dina as Anita 2.0

  • Kyouraku

    Dead serious, wish I wasn’t though. I’m hoping that once the game comes out and there’s concrete proof that my challenge wasn’t included I’ll be able to do something about it.

  • JeremyVerdi

    Jamus was one of the people taking the piss out of Mark and Dina by posting barely-veiled dissent in the form of How-To guides. One of them was something like How To Drink The Kool Aid or something like that and they ended up getting him banned. Looks like he went back for one more. Other people, Raiiban I think and some others were posting some hilarious Let’s Draw’s of Dina that ended up getting them banned I believe. I wish I’d kept them, they were really funny =(

  • JeremyVerdi

    Maybe Wakko can help if he’s still in this thread: Wakko if you are out there and have a copy of the Dinasaurus fire breathing wrench Raiiban drew, for the love of Heavy post it!

  • Ajt

    This! I’m sorry I feel horrible for the poor hard working dev’s that sat behind this lunatic gatekeeper. But a company bears responsibility for who they hire. Saying “You can’t take it out on the good people there” is pure and utter BULLSHIT! The good people are the consumers who fronted money for this endeavor. They deserved better than how the official representative of this company treated them. That failure reflects on all of the company and they all bear the burden of its costs.

  • Ajt

    That seems like a perfect match. The CM quality matches the game quality.

  • Ajt

    There are many many GOOD CM’s. Some are truly great at their jobs. It is a skill. And the ones that do it well are fairly invisible beyond the fact that they run thriving communities.

    The problem is so many companies equate “wannabe games journalist and or liberal arts major with no apparent useful skills” as “good candidate for CM” or worse yet they seem to view their Community Manager position. The one person that has the most direct interaction with their actual consumer base, as an entry level position to learn on the job.

  • Completely disagree about the idea of a reverse boycott (for the lack of a better name) after her resignation. The game is lacking both in fan input, level design and most importantly, bug fixing as far as I know.
    Not to mention that it makes it look as if every concern was about Dina herself and not about Comcept’s general laziness and disregard for the community once they got their money.

    Comcept and 8-4 dun goofed and I believe there should be a consequence for this.

    Finally, I would recommend all people, backers or not, to avoid engaging her in twitter for the moment. It’s very clear that she’s having a hissy fit by baiting for replies, specifically from GG people, and playing the victim later.
    (Why would anyone remain this mad after what was supposedly a resignation and not a firing, I will not understand, but whatever)

  • Syndromic

    All I want to say is I’m glad I never contributed to this project. Of course, I’ve been hoping that this game will be good until the vapid brat came on board as a community manager. It’s somewhat sad it turned out the way it has.

  • Leos

    I wouldn’t care what she was, but she injected her own politics into her job and that’s incredibly unprofessional.

  • Leos

    What I don’t get is why these people aren’t fired for the incredibly unprofessional behavior that shows up on their Twitters.

  • hurin

  • I hope to fuck and back that this game is made and stays true to the franchise we all grew up loving. In all of this, I’m mostly ashamed for Dina’s actions, because she and the team were representing American gamer’s interests in this.

    To the Japanese game team this looked like a goddamn mess of fighting drama and bullshit.

  • calbeck357

    A good community manager would have remained neutral and tolerant in the face of a fandom outcry which had nothing to do with Mighty No. 9. But Dina felt her position of power was something that could and should be used on behalf of a misguided moral crusade to “destroy sexism in gaming” or some such… and worse, she spoke like gutter trash while doing so.

    Imagine, for a moment, that she was as right about #GamerGate as FDR was about the Nazis. Then, imagine FDR dropping F-bombs and bile during every Fireside Chat. Dina would have been whooping it up and dancing like a maniac around the radio set, while the rest of the country stood there in shock and wondered when the President’s brain had turned to mush.

    Outrage does not prevent diplomacy or tact. In fact, when one is outraged, that is the best time to employ both.

  • calbeck357

    Wow, they OFFICIALLY went with “everyone who wants a refund is a misogynist”? I’d go with that one gent who forwarded the abusive tweets: a far better reason is “staff are hostile and insulting towards the backers, highly unprofessional, and I do not want to be financially or publicly tied to such a toxic operation”.

  • calbeck357

    “She is the victim of hate! It doesn’t matter that it’s a reaction to her own hate, THAT was totally justified! Rally the community to support her socially and financially, no matter what!”

  • calbeck357

    This. This right here.

  • calbeck357

    He wouldn’t have to know a thing about #GamerGate to recognize that his Community Manager was actively sabotaging the project by attacking a portion of the community — a portion which was not, in fact, causing the project any problems.

    CMs are not there to pick fights with the people funding your project. When they do, regardless of whom they are scrapping with, they are to be ejected as toxic to the project itself. Diplomacy, not vitriol, is the primary desired output of any CM worth a damn.

  • Viredae

    Don’t lose hope too soon, Brianna Wu is apparently a nightmare to work with, so Dina just MIGHT get the punishment she deserves.

  • Viredae

    That’s cause when a community manager does their job properly, you never hear about them; they’re practically invisible.

  • logan_mac

    “If you demand a refund you’re a misogynist”

    Because getting insulted by the devs you’re demanding a refund of is the best way to change your opinion

  • logan_mac

    I think that was Quinn, also it’s quite telling that she says she quit, yet 10 minutes after the announcement she’s begging a random nobody across the globe to get her a job

  • logan_mac

    The best CMs are the ones who don’t get noticed, at all

  • ZetaBlade

    $250 backer here. I, too had to leave the forums due to her antagonistic behavior.

    For someone obsessed with making “safe spaces” (who was intended to be a “community manager”), she sure was rather bent on driving out long time MM fans (like myself) she considered to be the “wrong” kind of fan because you disagreed with her personal opinions.

    Good riddance.

  • 2ndWorldMinority

    The problem with Dina is that she’s nothing more than a narcissist that screams “Me!Me!Me!”. She speaks as if the MN9 project is all done by her, when it’s supposed to be Inafune’s thunder. Insulting and banning backers for differing opinions, Injecting her own radical hipster ideologues when the game isn’t even about her. Basically breaking simple PR 101.

    Your recuse yourself from any political stance that can be damaging when you’re under a company.
    You grow a lot of thick skin to let them speak up, not going on a spazzfest and ban users.
    You don’t ever insult the customers, they are your kingmakers.
    If you wanna break these rules, you’re better off going indie and get a taste for yourself.

    As for her getting in through nepotism, that’s another disgusting matter.
    Yeah, whatever happened to hiring based on merits, instead of hiring token characters?
    That’s why these hipsters hijack someone else’s characters, instead of making their own, because they are lazy and it takes effort and merit to make their own characters.

    Heck, I play video games just to avoid real life politics and stress, not be reminded of them or letting some shady character telling me my support is “toxic”, and this is from me, someone who’s a minority in a 3nd world country.

  • Psyramics

    He wasn’t a community manager. He was a dev. One of the leads. Although I guess there’s an argument there depending on your definition of a community manager’s roles.

  • chizwoz

    Of course. But what I mean is that given that he probably knew nothing about it, he could probably be quite easily persuaded into the “it’s a hate campaign against women” narrative. If a few of his staff said that, he’d probably just think “I’d better just leave it to them.”

  • Ryan King

    $250 backer here. This whole fiasco just disappointed the hell out of me. I was in the room at PAX when they unveiled the game, and I cried like a little bitch when they showed off the concept art. I later got to interview Keiji for a fansite I work for. I was skeptical about Dina since the beginning, but things just got worse as time went on. I don’t know when the game’s coming out, and quite frankly, I don’t care anymore. I just want my fucking plushie.

  • Mighty No. 56008

    Unfortunately this is all I could find at the moment. Good times

  • Psichaos

    If they want to stick to their guns and pretend nothing wrong ever happened, then by all means go ahead. That just means I don’t have to waste my money on them. When Comcept starts a new project, they shouldn’t be surprised if they don’t have many backers after Dina ruined any of their credibility and then not making any effort to rebuild their relationships with investors and consumers.

  • Luna DLL

    How hard is it not to screw up being a “community manager” for god’s sake? It’s so simple.

    DO stay out of controversial topics.
    DO communicate in a neutral tone.
    DON’T disparage or ban your backers.
    DON’T get into twitter drama.

    I would’ve been amazing at that job.

  • Ben Jeanotte

    Well I’d hate to see anyone lose their job… I’m not about any of that, I just think they need to fix their behavior. Indie Developers are baarely professional, as is generally obvious, they are usually on the cusp of poverty or success, so they don’t always have a lot of experience with PR.

  • Erthwjim

    Although people might say don’t lash out at the company, I’m with Mighty 56008 on this one as well. If the company doesn’t face some sort of consequence because of her, some other company may eventually hire her. If companies know hiring her will be bad for them, they will be less inclined to hire her.

  • TeLin特林

    They are connected to the internet…and I’m sure can read/access Twitter.

    Not that I totally disagree with you, but it’s not like they were completely oblivious…and if they seriously didn’t check out the community, just wow.

  • Kain Yusanagi

    That’s what their forum was for. And a stranglehold was put on any dissent by Dina and her cronies. Gotta understand that Japan as a whole is way different socially online than America or the UK are. They’re still mostly doing direct communication via texts and forums, rather than mass social media. They understand some parts of how to use it, but leave that mostly to- you guessed it- the community manager.

  • TeLin特林

    Wait? He was shown that she was saying that shit? I’d really love to see this

  • TeLin特林

    And that’s only how Dev teams work? They won’t use Twitter?

    Someone below said the reason she was “resigned/fired/whatever” was because someone directly told him about her telling people to chargeback/boycott the game.

  • TeLin特林

    Not planning on buying this game…and glad I didn’t back it. Feel bad for those of you who feel like you wasted your money…

  • JeremyVerdi

    Without witnessing an event I obviously can’t 100% verify it, but I have it on fairly decent authority that two outside sources at different points reached Inafune directly: One around when GG started and another later down the line when she began actively participating in boycott talk. There were also internal conversations that happened with Inafune when the chargebacks occurred, according to limp dick Ben Judd, but every internal convo that went on was no doubt padded with lies and half truths concocted by her and 8-4.

  • Fenrir007

    What is he talking about with the translation thing? Did people translate a letter to Inafune or something to send him and Dina leaving is a result of that.

  • Kain Yusanagi

    Via snailmail/direct connection in Japan, from what I heard. That’s not how most devteams work, but theirs was an all-Japanese team that doesn’t use western Social Media.

  • TeLin特林

    Yeah, that makes loads of sense. Why would her posse talk bad about her…

  • TeLin特林

    Very interesting and sort of strange. Probably better that way so you don’t have to deal with some drama outside of the office…and kind of explains the feeling that some Japanese devs don’t “listen” to us well(Capcom, Nintendo, etc…I love ’em, but god damned heh)

  • Kain Yusanagi

    Nintendo of Japan really knows FUCK ALL what goes on outside Japan unless they tell Nintendo of America or Nintendo of Europe to tell them something, unless it’s like, sales figures or something of the sort- though they HAVE been getting better at listening, from what I can tell. it’s a very insular country with a very insular people, on the whole. It’s why the whole “Japanese devs don’t ‘get’ America” meme even got made in the first place.

  • Dawn Blast

    So M9. You had your chance. I’ll be taking my business else where, like Gunvolt.

  • Raiiban

    Heyo, I’m late as hell to this article, but maybe you’ll see the notification. Is this the image you’re looking for? (

  • utera

    Yea its hard to tell what’s incompetence and what is cultural/language barrier.

  • utera

    Internet Aristocrat identified them in an old video….its the “pretender syndrome”

  • Kain Yusanagi

    There’s definite doses of both involved.

  • Furluge

    I just bumped into this, but, congrats, you have won your bet of Dina making a patreon as of 20APR2016. I got curious as to what they were doing now and it was the first thing I found. XD

  • Franpa

    “What was it that fans didn’t like about Dina? Let’s answer this simple question with she’s not the driving force between Mega Man, Keiji Inafune.”

    Driving force between Mega Man and what? Mega Man and Keiji Inafune? Why you no make sense!?

  • Franpa

    The forums were incredibly badly designed.

  • Blackman Sombrero

    Dina is the kind of childish feminazi who should have been shot out of a cannon the second she opened her stupid mouth. Terrible at customer relations, far too immature to handle customer concerns, too obssessed with pushing her feminist agenda than to help produce a quality game.

    Piss off, Dina. You will not be missed.

  • True Radiant Free

    “Mighty No. 9 is not nor was it ever Dina’s game.”

    Thank you for writing this very professional and honest article. That sentence alone sums up the conclusion to this whole issue.

    I will be enjoying MN9 pretty soon, along with the Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack later this year.

  • Derpboy Zero

    Reading up more Mighty Flop No. 9 post the aftermath, and during the start of 2017,
    with backers unable to get the rewards they were promised backing decent numbers. Eloquently put, but Dina’s name is as toxic and man-hating as ever – even one picture of her with Beck’s helmet recolored in some “original” work.

    Point is, Dina’s still out and active. Avoid her like the plague, anyone either backing, graces her putrid presence, or watches cautiously of a project she sneaks into.