If you’ve never heard of the Xuan-Yuan Sword series before, that’s okay. This long running RPG series, developed by Taiwanese developer Softstar, has never left it’s home region. Until now, that is. The newest entry to the series, Xuan-Yuan Sword EX: The Gate of Firmament, has been released on Steam with an English translation.

This long running RPG series has been seeing new entries since the original game came out in 1990. Despite never leaving Asia, the games were always a great success. The main series has seen a total of 6 entries, the most recent being 2013’s Xuan-Yuan Sword 6: The Phoenix Soars Above the Sky and the Millennium Clouds. Developer Softstar is also currently working on Xuan-Yuan Sword 7: Online which seeks to take the series into MMO territory. It should be noted that The Gate of Firmament is actually not part of the main series, but rather part of the “Tales” series of standalone stories.

Xuan Yuan Sword

The Gate of Firmament features a real time combat system, the first game in the series to do so. The game features a demon capturing system that allows you to use the demons to fight along side you and fuse them to make better monsters. It also boasts having a new lighting system, new motion captured acting, and better lip syncing.

There’s no word yet if past Xuan-Yuan Sword games will be translated and brought over. There’s also no word as to Softstar bringing over any of their other popular Taiwanese-exclusive series. Softstar has two other big popular series: another RPG called The Legend of Sword and Fairy (also sometimes known as Chinese Paladin) and a Monopoly-like board game series called Richman. Both series have seen several entries and have been getting new entries since 1995 and 1989 respectively.

Xuan-Yuan Sword EX: The Gate of Firmament is available on Steam right now for the price of $14.99

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