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Mushroom Wars 2 Review Header

Mushroom Wars 2 Review – Mushroomy Mayhem

A few weeks ago I previewed Zillion Whales’ Mushroom Wars 2 at Play NYC 2017. I sat down with the developers and played a couple of rounds of the game using…

Mushroom Wars 2 Preview

Mushroom Wars 2 First Impressions – What A Fun Guy

One of the appointments I had in advance for Play NYC was to see Mushroom Wars 2 by Zillion Whales, an RTS-esque game where you send out adorable little armies of…

Mushroom Wars 2 Sword

Mushroom Wars 2

Mushroom Wars 2 is an indie Real-Time Strategy game by Zillion Whales where you send out waves of mushroom warriors to fight against neighboring tribes and vie for control of…


Mushroom Wars 2 Starts Closed Beta Sign Up

Mushroom Wars  is back with a new installment to the RTS series from Zillion Whales. Mushroom Wars 2 will be starting a closed Beta on PC starting Thursday, July 28th…


Mushroom Wars Getting Multiplayer Update

PlayStation 3 era RTS Mushroom Wars has recently been released on Steam so old and new players alike can get in on the strategic fungus fun. What’s more, developer Zillion…