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galactose pastries in space pie bomber

Galactose: Pastries In Space Still Cooking

It’s been two-and-a-half years since I first wrote about Galactose: Pastries In Space, an upcoming space combat game where the forces of dinner and dessert clash in gigantic stellar battles. In…

John OMeara State of Industry

Discussing the Game Pricing, Piracy, & Demos with John O’Meara of Zero Eden Games

I interviewed John O’Meara about a neat game called Galactose: Pastries In Space. It’s a cool game about cupcake fighters in space. (Really.) In addition to the conversation we had about his…

Galactose Pastries In Space

Galactose: Pastries In Space – Talking About Pie Bombers with John O’Meara of Zero Eden Games

“Cupcake fighters in giant space battles.” That’s how I would describe Galactose: Pastries In Space by Zero Eden Games. And that, in all honesty, is what got me interested in talking to…