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Yandere Simulator Dere Yan Art

YandereDev Teams Up With tinyBuild

The development process of Yandere Simulator has been a long one. Various test builds of the game have been available since work began in 2014 but the game remains in…

Yandere Simulator Dock Sketch

[Updated] Yandere Simulator Dev Hears Back From Twitch, No More Twitch Videos

The developer of Yandere Simulator has uploaded a video to the game’s official YouTube channel detailing a response e-mail that he received from Twitch relating to the game being banned for streaming…

Yandere Simulator Update Sketch Rivals

Yandere Simulator Dev Talks Rivals, Next Build Date

The developer of Yandere Simulator has posted a dev blog that details how rivals are going to work as a mechanic in the game. An accompanying animation was included to comically highlight…

Yandere Simulator RS

Yandere Simulator’s latest patch adds club benefits

The latest patch for senpai-worship fantasy Yandere Simulator now gives players a real reason to wander the school grounds and join one of the many varied clubs currently available to them. Still…