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Xbox Live Indie Game Shutdown Pushed To October 7

Originally set for today, Microsoft’s Xbox Live Indie Game shutdown has been delayed to October 7th. Introduced in 2006 with the XNA Game Studio, this program helped many game developers…

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Indie Interview – One Finger Death Punch

Xbox Live Indie Games still seems like a fever dream to me. I followed it a lot closer than most, and the output from the developers on the service was…

Xbox Live Indie Games

Xbox Live Indie Games Tribute from Indie Games Uprising

Xbox Live Indie Games is shutting down. This was the section of the store that contained a lot of strange games but also a couple of diamonds in the rough. Some…

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Xbox Live Indie Games Shutting Down in 2017

The Xbox 360 will forever be known as the platform that made small digital-only games into a familiar concept for millions of gamers. It made small studios into giants in…