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Spelunky Retrospective

Why I Can’t Quit Spelunky: A Retrospective

When I finally, triumphantly, beat Spelunky, I thought I was done. I thought that stranglehold of an addiction was bound to be loosened, releasing that grasp that kept me hooked…

battleblock theater 04

Behemoth’s BattleBlock Theater announced for Steam

What was once an Xbox Live Arcade-exclusive title is making it’s way to a computer near you. BattleBlock Theater from developers The Behemoth is making it’s way to the PC…

terrariamobmp combinedscreen

All-New Updates Have Arrived For Both Console and Mobile Versions of Terraria

Hot on the heels of the news that Terraria has achieved an incredible 3 million PC sales, 505 Games and Re-Logic have announced that multiplayer has arrived for Terraria on mobile platforms,…

charlie murder

Charlie Murder Preview

The punk rock apocalypse is upon us, and Charlie Murder is ready! The full game and demo for Charlie Murder came out on August 14th, and it looks real good.…