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Team17’s Kevin Carthew on the Making and Future of Worms WMD

In our next interview from the Yorkshire Games Festival, TechRaptor’s Dom O’Leary speaks to Kevin Carthew, the Creative Director of Team17, about the making of their latest game, Worms WMD,…

Worms WMD

E3 2016 – Worms WMD Gameplay Impressions

There have been a lot of Worms games in the last twenty-one years, and most of them have stuck to a familiar formula. It’s a 2D artillery game starring cartoonish creatures…

Worms WMD

Microsoft Gamescom 2015 – Worms W.M.D.

Team 17 has announced a new Worms game: Worms WMD. This new game has all that you’d expect from a worms game with a few new features. Worms WMD will…