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[Update] Unity Changes Terms of Service to Block SpatialOS Tool from Improbable

[Update] One of the games mentioned in the article below, Lazarus, is now now running again. Developer Spilt Milk Studios announced via twitter earlier today that their game Lazarus would shut down…

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Skyships and Community Created Islands: Bossa Studios Talks Their Grand Designs For Worlds Adrift

This past Thursday marked the launch of UK-based developer Bossa Studios’ latest project, Worlds Adrift. The game self-identifies as a “community-generated” MMO; it’s a physics-based, open-world exploration game with elements…

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Creators of Surgeon Simulator Release New MMO Worlds Adrift May 17

Bossa Studios, creators of games like I Am Bread, Surgeon Simulator and more, have announced that their more serious project Worlds Adrift will be hitting Steam Early Access on May 17. Announced as part…