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world war II Articles

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Torch 1.3.3 Update Revamps Hearts of Iron IV

It would be impossible for me to cover everything Paradox has fixed, upgraded and added in the “Torch 1.3.3” patch for its grand strategy masterpiece Hearts of Iron IV, which…

Black Orchestra Header

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Black Orchestra 2nd Edition

Black Orchestra is one of those games that exists in an interesting limbo. It’s a cooperative board game that can be fun to play, but it’s based on actual historical…

Old School Tactical Header

Old School Tactical Review – War Machine

Old School Tactial, designed by Shayne Logan, is big. Very big. The box is a surprisingly heavy, unwieldy rectangle. The counter sheets are crammed full of large German and Russian…

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Combat Commander: Europe Review: Commanding Presence

Hex-and-counter wargaming has always fascinated me, yet sobering thoughts of wading through chart after chart and a morass of rules intricacies and minutia, as well as some personal baggage, had…