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Battlefield 1 Story 4

[KekRaptor] Battlefield 1 Fans Outraged Over Christmas Truce

Fans of Electronic Arts Battlefield 1 were outraged to find the game unplayable over Christmas, at least in the way they are accustomed to. In a stunning move, DICE locked…

Battlefield 1 EA Dice

Battlefield 1 Impressions – Refighting The Same War

Battlefield 1 was a revelation when it was first announced earlier this year. A modern-day AAA FPS title that is set before the year 2000? Inconceivable! Well, the inconceivable has…

Tales From The Void Banner 1

Tales From the Void Review – Creaky Ship, Creakier Game

Suddenly, without warning … SCIENCE! You’re in a half-wrecked World War One-era submarine, floating in space.  Try not to die. Thus are we introduced to Danish indie developer Porta Play’s…

Verdun Logo

Verdun Gets Special Christmas Truce Event

World War 1 shooter Verdun is getting a special event to celebrate Christmas this year. Special holiday events are far from unusual for games (take Warcraft‘s Winter Veil festival and Grand Theft Auto…