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GreenWatch 05/03/2017 – Trademark Claims, Game Removals, Fur Fun and More!

For those discovering GreenWatch for the first time, GreenWatch is an ongoing series held on both TechRaptor and Digital Homicides covering anything going on with developers/groups/users in the Steam/Steam Greenlight…

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GreenWatch 26/02/2017 – Lawsuit dismissals, Greenlight Sketchiness, Suspicious Writers, and more!

UPDATE: Regarding the “World of Darkness Has a Harasser for a Writer” story. An article came out on the developer’s blog regarding the accusations about Zak Smith. In the blog…

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Paradox Buys White Wolf from CCP

In a move that is sure to open some eyes in both tabletop and video game circles, Paradox Interactive has bought White Wolf Publishing from CCP Games in an all-cash…