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WordPress Calls for Tougher Penalties for DMCA Abuse

Automattic, the company which owns the blogging platform WordPress, has submitted its comments to the United States Copyright Office as part of an ongoing public consultation concerning the DMCA. The…

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WordPress exploit leaves millions of websites open to hacking

Two new exploits have been discovered in the WordPress content management system allowing potential hackers to take control of websites that use this service. This exploit allows the attacker to…

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Turkey Blocks WordPress because of a Single Blog

Turkey has recently blocked WordPress, the popular blogging platform, in order to block access to a single blog. Blocking over 60 million blogs just to prevent access to one offending…


Yoast WordPress SEO 2.0 released and bring nice changes

Yoast’s WordPress SEO just hit a landmark update with the step up to 2.0 today. Yoast are proudly adding plenty of new features such as Google’s Knowledge Graph as well…


Website Optimization – How To Leverage Browser Caching

Whether you are using a WordPress Site, or something else, if your site is running off of an Apache server, then the .htaccess file is incredibly important to the health…