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Woolfe Key Art Kickstarter

Rebellion picks up Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries IP, promises to fulfill backer rewards

Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries is a Kickstarter that found success with over 2,300 backers pledging $72,000 back in 2014, but ran into troubles earlier this year when the…

Woolfe Key Art Kickstarter

Developer GriN Closes its Doors, Can’t Afford to Send Kickstarter Rewards

Independent developer GriN has shut its doors. The Belgian-based studio, known for their kickstarter Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries, is shutting down. A year after their kickstarter launched, GriN will…


Woolfe Early Access Preview – The Red Hood Diaries

Early Access has perhaps changed the way we view games in many ways as consumers are able to generally see games at earlier and earlier stages than ever before. Games…