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Enough is Enough: No More Babying Women in Tech

In case you are unaware, Reddit recently announced that their “interim” CEO Ellen Pao would be stepping down from the position, and cries of celebration were heard across the front page…

international games week berlin

Helping Women in the Tech Industry – An Interview with Ruth Lemmen of Womenize!

After writing up on International Games Week Berlin, I became intrigued by one of their newest events Womenize! aimed at helping women get into the tech industry. I was lucky…

The Fine young capitalists

How to help Women in Gaming – An interview with The Fine Young Capitalists

After getting their Indie GoGo campaign successfully funded last year to help a women see her gaming idea come to life The Fine Young Capitalists have not stopped working to…

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On Being a Woman in the Tech Industry – An Interview with Mercedes Carrera

After her adult charity event with Able Gamers got shut down I reached out to Mercedes Carrera to give her side of the story. A former STEM engineer, current adult…

international games week berlin

International Games Week Berlin Pushes eSports, Apps and Helping Women in the Industry

A recent press release from team behind the International Games Week in Berlin has announced that the festival will take place between April 21st to the 26th of this year.…