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super smash brothers melee

Women in eSports – An Interview with Milktea

As part of my series of interviews on women in gaming, I have been lucky enough to talk to Lilian Chen, a.k.a Milktea, former competitive Super Smash Bros Melee player on…

The Fine young capitalists

How to help Women in Gaming – An interview with The Fine Young Capitalists

After getting their Indie GoGo campaign successfully funded last year to help a women see her gaming idea come to life The Fine Young Capitalists have not stopped working to…

porn charity logo

On Being a Woman in the Tech Industry – An Interview with Mercedes Carrera

After her adult charity event with Able Gamers got shut down I reached out to Mercedes Carrera to give her side of the story. A former STEM engineer, current adult…

women gamers

How to Support Women in the Gaming Industry

You would have to live under a rock to have missed the drama that is going on surrounding the low number of women in STEM industries. From #ShirtGate, the attempted…

tropes vs women

How is Gaming Excluding Women? – An Interview with Liana K

I’m joined here today with Liana K, journalist for Metaleater, to discuss how she feels the gaming community is becoming exclusionary towards women. Full Disclosure: Liana had a lot to…

lara croft tomb raider legend wallpaper 3 normal5.4

Do We Need More Female Protagonists in Video Games?

Recently on a podcast a viewer tweeted in to ask “What was my favourite female protagonist growing up?” It should have been an easy question but after pausing for an…