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Playcrafting: Women in Games

On March 23rd, New York City’s own Playcrafting hosted their Women in Games themed night of Demo & Play in honor of Women’s History Month. Featuring a plethora of developers…

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The Top Major For Woman At Stanford University: Computer Science

Recently, there’s been a rising concern for the representation of women within the technology industry. Some are concerned that women are not being given enough chances to succeed in the…

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How to Support Women in the Gaming Industry

You would have to live under a rock to have missed the drama that is going on surrounding the low number of women in STEM industries. From #ShirtGate, the attempted…

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Sexy or Respectable? Why Not Both?

Everyone and their grandmother knows the simple truth that women’s bodies are used to sell games. Period. However you fall on this debate, no one can deny sex sells. But…