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WikiLeaks Blocked in Turkey After Massive Email Leak

WikiLeaks has released a searchable database of nearly 300,000 emails connected to Turkey’s governing party, the AKP. This is part one of the AKP emails, and includes email addresses beginning…

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Wikileaks Releases IP Chapter of the Final Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal

Wikileaks has released the IP Chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The Document is dated October 5, the same date that it was announced that a final agreement had been…

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WikiLeaks Returns with New NSA Leaks

WikiLeaks recently released a leaked NSA documents showing that the agency had spied on at least the last three French Presidents, including intercepting their phone calls. This has certainly upset…

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After Nearly 5 Years, WikiLeaks Reopens Submissions

WikiLeaks has come under a lot of criticism recently over its hosting of emails and documents from the Sony hack. The reception to that was mixed, and there were serious…

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WikiLeaks Creates Searchable Archive of Sony Documents

Sony has run into more trouble relating to the major hack they suffered late last year. WikiLeaks recently created a searchable online archive of all the documents that were leaked…

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Wikileaks Releases New Draft of Trans-Pacific Treaty

Wikileaks has revealed today a new draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It is a highly controversial free trade treaty including 12 countries from the Asia and Pacific region. The leak…