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White House and Silicon Valley Hold Summit on Fighting Terrorism

The White House recently held a summit with top executives in Silicon Valley on the topic of combating terrorism online. Some of the biggest technology companies in America were represented…

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House Passes U.S Budget Deal; Includes Cybersecurity Provision

The United States House of Representatives has passed a major Budget bill, an omnibus package totaling $1.15 trillion dollars. The vote was 316-113, with 150 Republicans and 166 Democrats supporting…

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White House Enacts Sanctions to Target Overseas Cyber Attackers

A new executive order by the White House targets individuals and groups outside the U.S. who are responsible for cyber attacks. While hackers and other cyber criminals within American borders…

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White House Drafts Bill to Protect Privacy

Earlier today, the Associated Press obtained a draft bill drawn up by the White House to provide stronger privacy protections online. If you thought this might be about reining in…