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Freevolt Uses Radio Transmissions to Power Wearables and Other Low Power Devices

Paul Drayson, former science minister of the United Kingdom, has unveiled a new technology which he claims will be a revolution for wearables and the Internet of things. Freevolt harvests…

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Google Announces Android Wear for iOS

Android Wear has officially launched on iOS devices as of today. Through the Android Wear app currently in the App Store, iOS users are no longer limited to the Apple…


Cicret wristband turns your skin into an interactive screen

Projected touchscreen technology has been making serious strides over the last two years. Companies like Ubi Interactive and Light Blue Optics have been developing software approaches to co-ordinate projector technology with…

android wear

Android Wear

Yesterday Google released details on their next big wearable, which is a smart watch. Android wear is a customized Android OS with some amazing features. Google’s announcement brought excitement to…

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Razer Nabu and the rise of wearables

The Razer Nabu is a wearable “smartband” being released later this year featuring the ability to pair your social networking and smartphone apps to your wrist. Unveiled at this year’s…

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Don’t be “glassholes” – Google Glass users scolded

Google has told early adopters of its Google Glass how not to use their highly anticipated wearable. Google Glass is currently undergoing “beta testing” through its Explorer Program, wherein interested…