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Walkerman Act 1 Review – One Pouch Man

Visual novels seem to work better when they give players (or readers, as the case may be) more to do beyond clicking to advance through text boxes. Some of the…

20170612104033 1


Walkerman is an episodic visual novel/adventure game developed by Scalemail and published by Sekai Project. The story follows Jorgen, a devoutly religious young man who takes up his father’s trade as…

To The Green Walkerman

To The Green – Walkerman

As E3 coverage is all winding down, it’s a chance to get back to the schedule of normality, and I’ve now been able to get the chance to return to…

indie interview john conway

Indie Interview – John Conway on Walkerman

We live in an era of booming PC Games. While I might gripe at times with issues or flaws in the end, these gripes are only there because the whole…