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hola vpn

Do Not Use the Hola VPN

Hola is a popular virtual private network (VPN) used to access things like foreign Netflix, which has different movies available depending on the region. A team has researched Hola and…

great firewall vpn china

China’s Stranglehold on VPN Services Tightens

“He who controls information controls the world.” These words have never been truer in the current case of the Chinese government and their ongoing attempts to censor the flow of…

unotelly vpn netflix geoblocking

In the midst of the Netflix VPN Embargo, Provider Unotelly Remains Unscathed

A few days ago Techraptor reported on the recent trouble people using VPNs were seeing with Netflix when trying to use the American catalog outside of the United States. These catalogs tend…


Netflix Battles VPN and Proxy Users

Netflix has recently taken aim at users who access the site through VPNs and proxies, blocking many of its subscribers from using the site. The reason? People viewing material in…