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A Video Game Study Proposal

So, the American Psychological Association, after quite a bit of criticism, even from within the ranks of Psychology experts, has reaffirmed their stance that video games and aggression are linked,…

minecraft turkey violence

Minecraft Being Investigated in Turkey

Coming as a bit of a shock to the video game community, the hugely popular Minecraft is under investigation in the Republic of Turkey. The reasons why may resonate a…


IMO: Target Australia removes GTA V from stores: A victory for no one

As one of the few Australians on Techraptor, this was my stain to try and bleach out. Just a few hours ago, Australia added another example of its nanny-like approach to…

Hatred Miami

Hatred and Hyperbole: The Serbian Film of games

A couple of days ago, a short gameplay trailer was released of upcoming isometric third person shooter ‘HATRED’ by Polish developer Destructive Creations. The one minute and 30 second trailer…