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Vile Monarch & Devolver Digital Get Dank With Weedcraft Inc, Coming To PC In 2019

Tycoon games have been around for a good few decades. Nearly every conceivable subject has been covered, whether it’s as a fully-fledged title or a small flash game on Newgrounds.…

Oh...Sir The Insult Simulator

Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator Review – Something Completely Different

Have you ever wished you could insert yourself into a nonsensical argument right out of a Monty Python sketch? Well now thanks to Vile Monarch’s game Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator you…

Crush Your Enemies Feature

Crush Your Enemies Review – Strategy Simplified

Simplified has become something of a dirty word in the gaming scene these days. Simply saying it conjures up images of overlong tutorials and hand-holding, and that is present in Crush…