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Tokyo Xanadu Thumbnail

Tokyo Xanadu Video Review – A Persona Without Personality

Tokyo Xanadu was the first Xanadu game that I ever had a chance to play, and like most JRPGS I’m unfamiliar with, I went into the game with very few…

Starward Rogue

Starward Rogue Video Review: Disembodied Head In A Mech

For the price of £8.99 or $11.99 for you Americans, Starward Rogue can be yours. However, why exactly would you want to own this game? To answer that question, you’ll…

GR Rem Logo

Gravity Rush Remastered Video Review: Fly Like An Eagle

Coming in at $29.99 and hitting store shelves today, Gravity Rush Remastered takes the cult hit PlayStation Vita game and brings it to the PlayStation 4, with a nice fresh coat of…