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Call of Duty 4 US Marines

Video Games Don’t Create Mass Shooters: Blaming Call of Duty Is the Sure Path To Ignorance

On February 14, 2018, chaos and tragedy descended upon a school in Parkland, Florida. In a building that we entrust children to, that we entrust the future of humankind to,…

GTA Characters

Video Games Don’t Cause Violence – Hatred Is Not a Strategy, Not in GTA or Any Other Game

In the aftermath of any modern tragedy involving a mass shooting, it appears as though it is an inevitability that at one point or another someone will ponder whether or…

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New Study Finds Real-Life Influences Violence More Than Video Games

Academics have continued to debate the influence video games have on youth and adults with regards to aggression and violence since the industry first emerged, and¬†while there are still many…