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Vanquish Review – Goes Fast, Ends Fast

Sometimes, guessing a game may claw free from console exclusivity and arrive on PC is a testament to great foresight. Sometimes, it’s just the culmination of small hints and a…

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Enemies in Vanquish Deal More Damage At Higher FPS

As much as gamers and developers alike want to see their games on PC in this day and age, the process of porting old titles and boosting the framerate can…

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Sam Gideon, a smart-mouthed bad boy with a smoking problem, is the last resort of the United States. The Russian Federation has been overthrown, and the leaders of the coup…

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Vanquish Pre-Order Appears On Steam Store

As was suspected less than a year ago, the previously console-exclusive Vanquish is finally seeing a release on Steam after fans had to wait for almost seven years. This move…

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Asushi Inaba alludes to a possible Vanquish PC port

Vanquish fans rejoice! Atsushi Inaba, co-founder of Platinum Games, recently had an interview with Kotaku. Amidst an array of other questions, he was asked whether it was possible Vanquish could get a PC version,…