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Green Man Gaming Deals – Weekend of 03/11

The weekend is here, and our affiliate partner and vendor Green Man Gaming has given us some information on what deals gamers can look forward to taking advantage of –…

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Activision Weekend Promo Stars Troika and Sierra

GOG, everyone’s favorite land for old or forgotten games that you can’t buy anywhere else except eBay, is offering a 66% off sale on their Activision catalog(affiliate link) in what…

GOG News

GOG Summer Sale Features Free Games and Large Discounts

As the summer approaches, you may be tempted to go outside and actually enjoy the sun. Making a solid effort to prevent that, GOG has introduced its Summer Sale (Affiliate Link…

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GOG Sale Bundleopolis and VTMB GOG Premier

It’s hard to keep tabs on the DRM-free platform’s sales as they seem to have one every week, but this is a bit bigger than the usual fare! The latest…

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Paradox Buys White Wolf from CCP

In a move that is sure to open some eyes in both tabletop and video game circles, Paradox Interactive has bought White Wolf Publishing from CCP Games in an all-cash…

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CCP Games Shuts Down Fan Remake of Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines

A few days ago Project Vaulderie received a cease and desist e-mail from CCP Games telling them to stop using all copyrighted materials relating to the game. Without the legal…