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Valeria: Card Kingdoms Articles

Flames Frost Header

Valeria Card Kingdoms – Flames & Frost Expansion Review

I tend to lump board game expansions into three broad categories. There’s the “more stuff” expansions that simply add more of what the game already has, which usually increases replayability…

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Quests of Valeria Review – Cards of Waterdeep

Lords of Waterdeep is one of my favorite games. It blends depth, playtime, and complexity near perfectly and adds in just enough theme to keep things interesting. It’s great for…

TR awards Board Game of the Year

2016 TechRaptor Awards – Board Game of the Year

Regardless of the way the rest of the year turned out, 2016 was a phenomenal year for board games. Hotly anticipated games finally hit tables and lived up to the…

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Valeria: Card Kingdoms Review – Check Out My Gains

There’s a certain part of your brain that gets tickled when a roll of the dice goes your way. The satisfaction of seeing the pips come up in your favor…