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unreal dev grant epic games

Epic Games Awards Over $200k In Unreal Dev Grants to 15 Recipients

The Unreal Dev Grants are an initiative headed up by Epic Games to award individuals and companies with funding that have absolutely no strings attached. No specific genre of game…

Castlevania fan header

Castlevania Fan Remake Hit With Cease and Desist by Konami

Fan remakes are a wonderful thing, usually. It’s a way for fans of a gaming franchise to pay homage to a franchise they love or, in some cases, fan remakes take…

Project Genom Header

[Updated]Project Genom Returns To Steam As Developers Feud

Update: NeuronHaze has informed us that the return happened after they reached a pretrial settlement over the disputed IP, thus the status of the project appears to not be in…

E3 2016 General Preview Image

E3 2016: The Unreal Awards Are Returning

Epic has announced in association with GamesBeat that they will be bringing back the Unreal Awards for E3 2016. The Unreal Awards are (unsurprisingly) a slate of awards given to…


People Can Fly Returns to Independence, Brings Along Bulletstorm Rights

Less than two years ago, People Can Fly rebranded itself as Epic Games Poland and put their noses to the grindstone on Fortnite. They’ve been owned by Epic since 2007,…

unreal engine 4

New details about Unreal Engine 4.6. Oculus VR 0.4.3 SDK support confirmed

Epic Games posted the major features that will be present in the next 4.6 iteration of their Unreal Engine -aka that thing that makes a good chunk of your game…