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EA access converted

Unravel and Need for Speed are coming to EA Access

If you’re a subscriber to Electronic Arts’ subscription service EA Access on your Xbox One, you know that the service already has a pretty great lineup of games for a…


Unravel Gets A Free Demo

Guns ‘n Roses are coming back, retro design is somehow relevant again and now free demo’s are also back. If I didn’t know what calendars are I would be convinced…


Unravel Review – A Simple Love

Indie gaming has come a long way in the past decade. Arguably taking off due to Jenova Chen’s flOw and Jonathan Blow’s Braid in terms of mainstream potential, indie games…

E3 2015 EA

Recap: EA E3 2015 Press Conference

Mass Effect Andromeda EA wasted no time with their press conference, dropping the first trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda; the new title in BioWare’s massive Mass Effect franchise. Set in the Andromeda…