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fgc match spotlight 3

FGC Match Spotlight: Evil Geniuses’ Momochi vs. AverMedia’s GamerBee at Evo 2015

Sometimes, hard work doesn’t pay off. Sometimes, everything can go according to plan, but you still manage to lose. Some players put their heart and soul into a career-defining match,…


The Division and Rocket League Up to 40% Off in Weekend Summer Sale

Remember those batches of PC games Summer Sale we wrote about a few days ago? Well, the deals are continuing at GMG. If you’re in the market for a 2016…

Street Fighter V Getting the Hit

Stop Apologizing Capcom … And Fix it. And Yourself.

To begin, I’m more harsh on Triple A developers more then the indies I cover, because it’s all about expectation. New people getting into the game development scene may not…

StreetFighterIV UpperCutToConsumer

Ultra Street Fighter IV’s PC problems continue – Problems With Online Current Working Condition

Capcom has had a bad recent history regarding their practices regarding DLC and PC ports. Some players have had massive problems regarding getting the Dead Rising 3 PC port to…