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Battlefield 4 Class Header

New Battlefield 4 UI Out on Xbox One and PS4

Battlefield 4’s new UI is out for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as reported by VG 24/7. You can see the new UI in action here from YouTuber Battlelogic: Alternatively, you…

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Swiftkey for Android, now free

Swiftkey is an extremely popular third-party keyboard for Android with over a million downloads from the Google Play store. The basis for Swiftkey is to replace the standard Android keyboard…

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Bring back the Start Menu to Windows 8/8.1

With Windows 8 receiving massive backlash from customers and PC manufacturers, it is safe to assume this is due to ‘Metro’, sorry Modern UI. Unfortunately due to the lack of…

Cortana Halo

Meet “Cortana”, the Microsoft Virtual Assistant

You read that right! Microsoft has hinted that the name, or at least codename, of their assistant being built to rival Apple’s Siri is none other than Cortana. Microsoft has…