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Evolve Lennox

Evolve adding four new hunters, one monster

DLC has never been too far from the conversation surrounding Evolve, Turtle Rock’s monster vs. humans multiplayer shooter. The release of its new content pack, or season, raises the issue…

Evolve Header

Evolve Review – Dead at Stage 2

Evolve is a good game with great ideas. Coming from Turtle Rock, the developer of Left 4 Dead, which has been resurrected outside the Valve empire, Evolve is an asymmetric shooter released…

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Take Two CEO: “Controversy, Generally Speaking, is a Good Thing” in Regards to Evolve’s DLC

Evolve’s DLC has stirred up a lot of opinions, particularly over: the price of monsters (or being made available through pre-orders); its various special editions, a season pass that doesn’t…

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Evolve hits open beta next January on Xbox One. Closed technical betas on other platforms

If you played or wanted to play Evolve’s alpha in October, mark this date on the calendar: 15th january 2015. That day, you’ll be able to play Evolve’s open beta.…

e3 Microsoft1

E3 2014- EVOLVE

Evolve made a brief appearance at Microsoft’s stage show, proudly proclaiming that the Xbox One will get DLC first, as well as getting an exclusive beta. Sadly there was no gameplay…