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febiven and yellowstar

TSM Signs former Fnatic Support Yellowstar

After weeks of speculation and trolling courtesy of TSM owner Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh, we finally have learned who the new Team Solomid support will be thanks to a new video…


TSM begins their Rebuild

If you follow the League of Legends pro scene then you are probably familiar with Team Solomid or TSM for short. After the end of last week’s group stage TSM…

LCS Title

CLG Takes Summer LCS Championship, TSM Still Goes to Worlds

This was an exciting weekend for League of Legends and eSports fans as the final games of the NA LCS Summer Split took place, determining which teams would be representing…

LCS Title

What to Expect at the Summer NA LCS Finals

It is finals time again for the League Championship Series as the Summer Playoffs come to a close. This weekend will determine the top three teams in the North American…