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PlayStation Trophies Can Now Help You Buy Games

Sony’s Rewards Program is getting an upgrade that can earn players who sign up for the service a small amount of money, as first spotted by Kotaku. A new section…

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Your PlayStation Trophies Have Hidden Messages

I’m not entirely sure which onomatopoeia I want to use to describe the sound of a trophy unlocking, but I’ve sort of come to love it. I’ve always enjoyed hunting…


Undertale Trophy List Is Full of Gags and Trolling

Shortly before Undertale launched on PS4 and PS Vita, the full trophy of the game was dropped, spoiling some surprises on how developer Toby Fox poked fun of trophies. Majority…

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Can the Nintendo Switch Survive Without Achievements?

After the hype of another great Nintendo presentation dies down, I’m left questioning their future. Not because of the system, which has amazing potential, despite its limited battery life. Not…

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Fallout 4 Trophies and Achievements Revealed

With Bethesda’s long awaited Fallout 4 not far from release now, the trophies list has surfaced. Exophase managed to get a hold of the Playstation 4 trophies. It would naturally be…