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Trove Supports Extra Life with Mega Menagerie Pack

Trion Worlds is raising money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals by offering a special in-game item pack for their blocky MMO Trove for Extra Life 2017. The Trove community has…

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Razer Announces New Currency System zVault, Announces Partners

Gaming peripheral and hardware manufacturer Razer have announced zVault, a new kind of system with a new kind of digital currency you can use to buy Razer’s products ,items in a…

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Twitch Will Start Selling Games and DLC Soon

Major streaming website Twitch has announced that the company will start selling games and DLC, turning the streaming website into an online storefront third-party developers and publishers. This news was…

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Atlas Reactor Review- The Exploding Chess Board

When I saw the cartoonish trailer for Atlas Reactor, I inwardly groaned. I played Team Fortress 2 through five years of college, and I knew the formula. A cutesy, racially diverse…

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Trove Preview – Blocky Buildings and Bizarre Battles

In 2009, Minecraft’s first public release was unleashed onto the Internet. Over five years later, it’s the third-best selling video game of all time and shows no signs of stopping. Success breeds…

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Defiance Review: Ark Hunting is fun!

I’ve been keeping my eye on Defiance for a while now. I am a huge Science Fiction fan, and Syfy has always been my home for some of my favorite…