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ubisoft e3 2018 trials rising

Ubisoft E3 2018: Trials Rising

Ubisoft has announced a new Trials game, titled Trials Rising, and is aiming for a February release next year. Developed in co-operation by Ubisoft Redlynx and Ubisoft Kiev, Trials Rising will take players all around the world,…

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[Update] Ubisoft E3 – Trials of the Blood Dragon

If there’s one thing that nobody ever really expected, it was a cross between Far Cry: Blood Dragon and Trials.  We got just that with Trials of the Blood Dragon,…

Trials Fusion Featured

Trials Fusion Review

As you boot up Trials Fusion a song bursts out welcoming you to the future. Despite this confident statement, the future of Trials isn’t really worth singing about. Trials fusion…