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star ocean the last hope remaster logo

Star Ocean: The Last Hope Remaster Announced for PC and PS4

Square Enix recently announced Star Ocean: The Last Hope Remaster, a full 4K and HD update, for PC and PS4. The announcement came during a recent Square Enix livestream, and marks…

Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness

Square Enix Reveals Star Ocean Release Date; Day One Edition

Square Enix has opened up a page on their own store detailing the release date information for the upcoming Tri-Ace RPG, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness.  The fifth entry in…

Star Ocean 5

PS4 Star Ocean 5 Gets a Summer Western Release Date

If you’ve been waiting for more information about when you can get your hands on the next Star Ocean title then you’re in luck.  The information comes from a recent…


Star Ocean Developer Misfortunately Acquired

Tri-Ace, developer of JRPG classic Star Ocean, has been acquired by Nepro Japan, a mobile device development corporation. Likely, this is driven by an initiative to expand their mobile game…