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Trade Officials Finally Release Full Text of the TPP Deal

After years of secrecy, trade officials have finally released the full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. Numerous leaks have shed some light on the deal, the most recent of…

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Wikileaks Releases IP Chapter of the Final Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal

Wikileaks has released the IP Chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The Document is dated October 5, the same date that it was announced that a final agreement had been…

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Trans-Pacific Partnership Reaches Final Agreement, but the Fight Against It Isn’t Over

Trade officials representing the twelve countries in the Trans-Pacific Partnership have reached a final agreement. However, these negotiations were merely the first step in the process. Now the legislatures of…

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Latest TPP Leak Shows Opposition to Extreme U.S. Proposals

A version of the Intellectual Property section of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, dated from May 11, was leaked to reporters earlier in the summer. However the full text was not available…