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Total War Warhammer II Skaven Art

Skaven Revealed For Total War: WARHAMMER II

The Skaven, a race of horrifying rat-men that live in an underground empire, have been revealed as the fourth playable race for Total War: WARHAMMER II according to a news post…

Total War Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai

Creative Assembly Announces Total War Spinoff Series

Developer Creative Assembly has announced a new spinoff series based on their Total War franchise. According to the announcement, the Total War Saga series will focus more on “exciting historical moments in…

total war warhammer 2

E3 2017 – Total War: Warhammer II Interview

Total War: Warhammer was a surprise for many, and I imagine introduced more than a few to the Warhammer universe, at least introduced them past the point that they are…