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Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Review – Deja Vu

Back when the Tokyo Xanadu released on Vita last summer, our reviewer wasn’t very impressed. His main complaints with the game centered around the story’s slow pacing, unlikable characters, and…

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Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Comes to North America on December 8th

In a Twitter post this week, Aksys Games confirmed that Tokyo Xanadu eX+ would be coming to North American shores on December 8th. Aksys also added that information on the Steam version…

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Tokyo Xanadu Video Review – A Persona Without Personality

Tokyo Xanadu was the first Xanadu game that I ever had a chance to play, and like most JRPGS I’m unfamiliar with, I went into the game with very few…

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E3 2017 – Tokyo Xanadu/Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Hands On Impressions

I love Nihon-Falcom games. I’ll more readily get excited for a new Trails, Ys, or Xanadu title than pretty much any other franchises in gaming with only a few exceptions.…

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Aksys Games Sheds More Light on Tokyo Xanadu eX+

Way back in July we reported that Aksys Games was bringing the Nihon-Falcom title Tokyo Xanadu to the west on both PlayStation Vita, and PC. That being said, Aksys’s AnimeExpo…


Aksys Games Announce Tokyo Xanadu Localization for Vita and Steam

Ending their AnimeExpo 2016 panel, Aksys Games revealed a title completely out of left field that they’re picking up for localization – Tokyo Xanadu! Fans of the games’ developer, Nihon-Falcom,…