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Immortal Unchained Review – Dark Souls, Now With Guns!

Immortal Unchained is unashamedly a Souls-like. Even the UI immediately screams Dark Souls, there’s no other way to describe it. A challenging and unforgiving third-person action game where you fight through…

Immortal Unchained

Hardcore Action RPG Shooter Immortal Unchained Launches Sept 7th

Immortal: Unchained, described by its developers as a “hardcore action-RPG shooter”, is launching September 7th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Developed by Swedish studio Toadman Interactive, Immortal: Unchained is…

Immortal Unchained

Immortal: Unchained a “Third-Person RPG Souls-Like Shooter” Announced

Toadman Interactive recently announced Immortal: Unchained, a third-person RPG shooter set in a futuristic fantasy world with gameplay mechanics inspired by the Souls-like genre. On the PlayStation Blog, Game Designer…